Natural Hair Update!

Since my big chop back in January 2014 I haven't really seen much of my hair. To be honest I didn't really know what to do with it because of it's length. It seemed like I had been ready to cut off my relaxed ends but I was not ready for the short hair. I wore protective styles which included braids, weaves, and wigs.

When I did let my hair out to breath I would try to do wash and gos and twist-outs but I couldn't find the right products that didn't make my hair look like the picture below. I always resorted to covering it up until I could figure out what to do with it.
April 2014

I blew it out and found that the shrinkage that every natural talks about does in fact suck as much as they say it does. Then I put it in braids.

April 2014

Throughout vacation and the summer of 2014,  I wore a wig and kept my hair in cornrows underneath. I would take off the wig every other day and moisturize my hair underneath with a water and conditioner mix. 
July 2014

I didn't know it at this point but October was the last time I would be wearing a weave or wig for a while. My scalp started to get really irritated under there so I decided to face the kinks. 
October 2014

I was very surprised to find that my hair was long enough to work into a puff! I was excited that there was at least one style I could do. 
November 2014

The more I washed and moisturized my hair the easier it got to handle my hair. I found products that made my curls pop and dry that way! I was so happy to discover how to make a wash and go work for me. It definitely helped that my hair had gotten longer. 
November 2014

So I wear wash and gos and puffs all the time now but I will be trying more styles and exploring more products. I hope you're excited because I am!
December 2014


  1. Yaaay!!!! :) :) :)So awesome to see where you have come with your natural hair. I am loving the puff and the wash and goes. What products have you found to work with your natural hair and do you still use shampoo or cowashing more now?

  2. Congrats to you for learning your hair!! Your curls are so pretty, too!!

  3. Beautiful hair and great progress. I just BC Jan 1st and I know all about the styling struggle. It's too cold to wear a wash and go so I have been wearing a puff mainly. I plan to get my hair shaped so I can wear it out more.

    1. Thank you! I thought about getting my hair shaped too but then I keep thinking about the months and months I wasn't happy with the short length and I decided against it. I have a feeling I will go and get it shaped in the summer because I will definitely want my hair to be out and free and looking some sort of tamed lol

  4. WOW WOW WOW.. You went natural? Where have I been? You look gorgeous

  5. Glad you figured out the products your hair loves now in its natural state. Those curls are really popping.

  6. Wow am excited too!! What products were you using to get your curls popping.

    I have found styling to be an issue for me too with short hair, on my transition.

    Loving your wash and go and bun!!!