Wash Day

I co washed today and it went ok...
(1) Deep conditioned overnight with Shea butter and mango cholesterol
(2) Cowashed with Joico Moisture Recovery and then detangled in the shower
(3) I then applied Roux Porosity Control and left that in for 30 secs before rinsing
(4) I t-shirt dried for about 30 mins
(5) I added Creme of Nature Argan Oil leave in and Carols Daughter Healthy Hair Butter on top as my leave ins.
(6) I air dried in a high bun and wore clip in bangs to jazz up my protective style bun.

How did your most recent wash day go?


Hello! Welcome to Pound Cake!

I am so excited to start blogging! I've been trying to get started forever but I have finally hit that 'Post' button ( I dont really know what I was scared of really). I am new to blogging, so it will definetely be a work in progress for a while. Bare with me!

My name is Tathiana and I am on a relaxed-texlaxed healthy hair journey. I have been on my journey since October 26, 2010 and I started at NL. My ulitmate goal is to have healthy, thick, WL hair in that order! I want to be able to put my hair in a beautiful long frizz-less fishtail braid!

I have had so many inspirtations and awakenings that got me started on my hair journey and I will get into them in more detail in later posts but my number one inspiration has to be Sunshine, CEO of Hairlista <3.

I started a Youtube channel a while back so be sure to check out my videos! Below you can watch a video on the history of my hair journey.

I do not claim to be a professional by any means. I am learning about my hair (and hair in general) day by day. This blog is intended for documentation of my hair journey and also to help others who are on a journey similar to mine! Thank you for stopping by and reading!

Talk to you soon!