Length Check and Trim

I straightened my hair to get a sense of my length and by my surprise I reached BSL already! I didn't plan on hitting BSL until October! However, I didn't want to rejoice for too long because I knew I needed a trim. There were just too many scraggly end for my taste... so I snipped.

Here is my length before the trim

And here is my length after the trim 

I did a self trim so it wasn't exactly the most precise nor was it the prettiest thing in the world, but it served its purpose. At first I snipped off about and inch and a half to two inches of hair.

Then I did a search and destroy until my ends looked better. It was hard to measure the hair that I snipped off from searching and destroying but here's what my sink looked like lol.

All in all my ends look much better, but definitely not their best. I really need to kick the straightener to the curb for good. But it's just so hard...


How I Do My Ponytail Rollerset

I have posted videos on my YouTube page of how I do the ponytail rollerset! I think it's a great alternative if you dont have the time or patience for the traditional rollerset. Part 1 shows the detangling and setting and part 2 shows the take down. I also show how I trim my hair in part 2! Enjoy!

Have you tried the ponytail rollerset before? How did it go?


May Blogging Challenge!

I haven't been posting as regularly as I would like to lately because I have had so much to do in my last year of college. I will be graduating in 17 days!!! Yaaaaaay! I am so excited to be done with least for now. Lol.

Luckily I read Southern Girl's post on a May Blogging Challenge that should help me get back in the groove of things. This challenge is being hosted by Creative Girl Media in an effort to give our blogs the "oomph" it needs. The rules are pretty simple (see picture below). If you want to enter this challenge also, there is a link below to enter your blog information. Be sure to include the blog hop link on your page so that you along with those who visit your page can check out the blog of others involved in the challenge!