Wash Day: 18 Weeks Post

I thought that my wash process would be super smooth because I decide to incorporate my recently purchased Carol's Daughter Olive Oil Infusion Hair Treatment known to soften and detangle unmanageable hair. My hair was super tangled because I hadn't thoroughly detangled it in a week and I had been co-washing all week due to excessive exercise (*pats herself on the back*) so I was hoping this treatment would help me get through the tangles.

Unfortunately, I don't think I used the treatment correctly (or it just doesn't work well for me) but I will get into more detail about this product in a future product review after I've tried it again. Watch my most recent Carol's Daughter haul for more information on the treatment here.

Here's how the wash day went..
 (1) After putting my hair in four sections, I applied the Khoret Amen oil from the CD Olive Oil Infusion kit to my scalp, massaged it in and pulled it throughout my hair as the instructions said to do
Excuse the eye boogers! Lol!

(2) I then applied the Khoret Amen Hair Smoothie to my hair while it was still in the four sections. I forgot to finger with the smoothie in my hair as the instructions said and this may be why I didnt get the result I expected). I then put a plastic cap on and a satin bonnet. I ran around outside with my puppy for about a half hour with the treatment in my. Isn't he a cutie?! After running around I went under my heatling cap for another 30 mins before washing the treatment out.

(3) After the treatment I shampooed with the Carol's Daughter Chocolat smoothing shampoo and then followed up with the Chocolat smoothing conditioner.

(4) For some reason my hair wasn't as soft as I had hoped at this point so I applied Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner to finger detangle. My hair was softer after using this conditioner.
(5) When I got out of the shower I t-short dried for about 10 mins and when I took the t-shirt down I found that my hair was a drier than if I had used my regular deep conditioners.

(6) After applying my leave ins (Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Reconstruizer, Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Moisturizing Leave In, and Carol's Daughter Macadamia Heat Protecting Serum) my hair was much softer and easier to detangle.

(7) I detangled and roller set my hair in four section. For two front sections I roller set traditionally and for the back to section I cheated with a two ponytail sets.
Rollerset results
It's getting harder to do rollersets as I get deeper in my stretch. This time around my roots didn't get straight enough but this is expected since I have so much new growth.

Are you noticing my obsession with Carol's Daughter? Lol. How did your last wash day go?


Solange's Havana Twists

Have you all noticed the Havana Twist trend around the hair community? I am not one for trends, but this protective style really has me feeling experimental. I have been particularly interested in Solange Knowles' twists (perhaps because I tend to follow her unique style more so than a lot of other celebrities). At the 6th Annual Roots Festival she wore her twists flowing down her back and she looked beautiful!
Photo Credit:
More recently, for her performance at the Art Basel in Switzerland, Solange wore her twists in a beautiful up-do. Her style make me even more excited to try these twists and experiment with different up-do styles. 

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:
I am definitely going to be doing my research on installing these twists sometime this summer. I've already watched some informative YouTube videos and plan on watching some more. When I give it a try I will definitely be sharing here on the blog.

Have any of you tried the havana twists before? How did you like it? Any tips?


Carols Daughter Haul

Over the past month, I have picked up some new Carol's Daughter products! Some were gifts to myself for my college graduation and others were bought from Sephora using a gift card I won in a contest! To see the new Carol's Daughter products I picked up watch the video below.

Have you tried any new Carol's Daughter products recently? Any recommendations?


Twist 'N' Curly Fro

I have been experimenting with different styles lately and this time around I wanted really big hair. I tried a twist n curl with 23 two strand twists and 23 purple perm rods. I really liked how it turned out and I will be doing this style again really soon. The products used for this style only included EcoStyler Argan Oil gel for hold (which I will substitute for a product with stronger hold next time...or just use more of the EcoStyler gel) and coconut oil to prevent frizz. Watch the video below to see how I achieved the look!

Go big or stay home!


My Favorite Co-wash Conditioners

I love co-washing! It make my hair super soft and has it smelling wonderful! I've tried many conditioners throughout my 2+ years on this hair journey and I think I have found co-wash conditioners that I won't be straying from. My favorites include Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, Herbal Essence Smoothing Collection Lisse, Tressemme Naturals Nourishing Conditioner, and Hair One with Olive Oil for Dry Hair. For more information on these conditioners watch my video below!