The Halo Braid

Sometimes I get really tired of wearing buns as protective styles so the second quickest style I turn to is the Halo Braid! I think the halo braid is the most popular name for this style although some do not incorporate any braiding and instead substitute flat twisting. I am one of those people. I achieve the halo braid by doing two big flat twist around my head. Here is a video of how I do it!


How I Did it: Flexi Rod Set on Dry Hair

In this video, I share how I achieved heatless curls with flexi-rods. Enjoy!


Flexi Rod Set on Dry Hair

Last night I tried a flexi rod set on dry hair. I had been air drying my hair all day in a bun and decided I wanted to do something with it. I looked at all the flexi rods I have that I rarely put to use and I gave them a try. I moisturized, sealed, and detangled my hair with Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Moisturizer and Grapeseed Oil. I then set my hair using 1 inch rods for the back of my hair and smaller (I don't know the exact sizes) rods for the front of my hair. I used 12 flexi rods in total (six on both sides of my head).

 I didn't have enough of one size of the flexi rods so that is why I used three different sizes. When I took the rods out in the morning it was pretty obvious that I used different sized flexi rods. But it was all good, I still liked how it came out! Looking at the different curl/wave patterns I think I would've liked the style even better if I used the blue rods all over my head...maybe even the purple ones all over my head--but the orange rods gave me curls/waves that were too tight.

I did record how I did this and I will post it here on the blog as soon as I edit it! I'm glad I found another way to achieve heatless curls!

Oh and by the way flexi rods are NOT comfortable to sleep in at all!