Hair of the Day: Faux Twisted Bun

I put mini twists in my hair a couple days ago so I could dust some split ends. I've been wearing them under headwraps and wigs but today I decided to wear them out before they got too old and frizzy. I don't have too much length to do much with my mini twists but I improvised and got a faux twisted messy bun look out of it.

I had some leftover Cuban Twist hair from a failed crochet braid wig attempt, so I attached the hair to a hair tie and twisted up a faux bun. I had no intention of wearing my mini twists out when I installed them so they aren't the neatest but the Cuban twist hair is slightly rough and frizzy which made for easy blending and a successful improve style. Here is a quick video below showing how I got this look.


Wash Day: Braidout

This weekend's #washdayexperience started off with the SheaMoisture Curl and Shine shampoo and conditioner. Afterwards, I deep conditioned with Alikay Naturals Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner overnight. This deep conditioner is new to my stash. It gave my hair so much shine and moisture moisture moisture! I deep conditioned in twist and my twists were just bouncing all over the place afterwards! I was very pleased with the honey and sage deep conditioner and will be using it again. After washing the deep conditioner out, I applied my oil mix to the twists. I rinsed that off with cold water and then sprayed my hair with cold aloe vera juice.

My style of choice this time around was a braidout. I loved braidouts when I was relaxed and I love them even more now! I had my hair air dry about 75% before adding the Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave In Conditioner to the twists. I had let it air dry a bit first so that the braidout could be big a volumionus but I ended up having to spritz it with water beacuse my hair is easier to manipulate that way. I added water (when needed) and a very small amount of the Alikay Naturals Moisture Rich Hair Parfait. This hair parfait definetely takes the cake for best smelling product in my stash. It smells like desert and a tropical island mixed together.

After applying the products I braided my hair in small/medium sized sections and then rolled the ends with perm rods. For the takedown I took the perm rods out and added a bit of the Alikay Naturals Shine Crave Hair Glosser. I then unbradied my hair carefully, separated, and fluffed. My barids were not completely dry when I took the braids down (of course...they never are) but its ok because it make for bomb second day hair!

When I tell you all that my hair is so soft! It feels so fluffy and has tons of movement. I've been shaking my head all day beacuse I am so surprised at how much movement it has. Everytime I shake it I get a wiff of the hair parfait and I am in love! I really enjoyed using the Alikay Naturals products and I can not wait to try more styles with these products.

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Have you tried the Alikay Naturals products? How did it work for you?
The Wash Day Experience


The Wrap Life: Nia

I have been loving headwraps lately. They are a great way to spice up a hairstyle or stretch and old one. I am definetely thinking of incorporating headwraps into my weekly routine so that I don't have to manipulate my hair too often.

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a company called The Wrap Life. This company is based out of Brooklyn, NY (my hometown) and they hand make African headwraps, clothing, and accessories with different colors and textures. I fell in love with their store after visiting their website and I went ahead and order my first Ankara headwrap. 

I ordered the Nia headwrap. It had a gorgeous blend of red and gold and just perfect to brighten up a look. It is 22x72 inches and 100% cotton. 

The shopping time was alright. It took about a week to get to me with standard shipping. I was so eager to try some head wrap styles with such a beautiful piece. Here are some of the styles I have achieved with the Nia headwrap. 

I can not wait to expand my collection of headwraps from this company. It looks like the styling will be endless!


Kinky Straight Protective Style: Deja Vu Perm Kinky Yaky

I stumbled upon a video on YouTube about hair called Deja Vu Perm Kinky Yaki hair. GlamCorner made a half wig with this hair which mimics natural blown out hair and as soon as I saw the video I knew I had to make my own. I have been able to protect my hair under this half wig for about two weeks now and I absolutely love it! I will be doing a full review on this protective style soon. As for now, check out how I made this half wig below. Also, follow the blog on Instagram @_mypoundcake_ to see how I have been styling this half wig.