Wash Day/HOTD: Failed Twist Out

Happy Monday! This weekend's wash day was as simple as can be. I couldn't be bothered with a long wash day this time around, so I stuck with the basics.

First, I did a pre poo with a mix of Tresseme Naturals conditioner, olive oil, tea tree oil, and castor oil. I put my hair into two sections and baggied my ends before putting a plastic cap on my whole head. There is a short clip on @mypoundcake Instagram page which shows exactly what I am talking about. Be sure to follow Pound Cake on there! I baggied for about an hour while I worked out.

After rinsing out my prepoo, I cowashed with Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner (an old favorite) and finger detangled in the shower. I applied an oil mix (a blend of every oil I own) to my hair in sections, rinsed the oil off, and seal my strands with cold aloe vera juice. Outside of the shower I applied Shea Moisture JBCO Leave In Conditioner and then let my hair air dry for about 4 hours while I binge watched the Entourage (in preparation for the movie coming out this week). When my hair was about 70% dry I applied about a dimed size of Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and half a dime size of Argan Oil Eco Styler Gel to medium sized sections and twisted my hair up for a twist out. Altogether I had 21 twists. I believe this was the first time I combined these two products for a twistout. I love the products individually but this is probably the last time I will use them together. I'll explain why later...

I found that when I do a twist out on damp or dry hair as opposed to wet hair, I get better twist out results simple because my hair dries all the way before I take the twists down. 95% of my hair styles that have failed have been due to my hair not drying all the way lol. Well...

This morning I took my dogs for a long walk and it was just hot enough for me to sweat. I didn't have the time to sit under a dryer, so when I took my twists down this morning, my scalp and some of my twists were damp. Oh joy!... Well, I didn't get the definition I was looking for...once again.

I don't think the dampness was solely from walking the dogs in the heat though. When taking the twists down, my hair felt almost over moisturized. I think I may have applied too much Argan Oil Eco Syler Gel. This gel is so moisturizing, but when paired with the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie it doesn't seem to be the business if definition is what you're going for. As a matter of fact, my best twist outs have been a result of 100% dry hair and using the least amount of product possible. Obviously I didn't remember that this time around. So here my hair goes again...doing whatever it wants. 

I pouted for a bit....then I put it a puff and jazzed it up with a flat twist in the front! Problem solved! 

How do you achieve your best twist outs?