That's That Stuff I Don't Like Hair Bloggers Edition

I don't know if you all have been watching 'That's That Stuff I Don't Like' tag videos on YouTube but I sure have. Youtubers have been talking about all types of pet peeves and it is so funny to watch! I thought it would be fun to take the tag to my blog because, since I am a slave to academia, I don't have much time to record and edit a video. So this will be the That's That Stuff I Don't Like Hair Bloggers Edition.

1. I don't like it when people touch my hair. I'm not talking about the very light petting or polite caressing... that's fine...I mean more of the running unfamiliar fingers through my strands and invading my scalp...I don't like it...

2. I don't like products with mineral oil in it. They weigh my hair down and they do nothing for the healthy of my hair. They only act as temporary fixers...

3. I do not like it when I invest in a hair product that has been raved about and then it gives my hair zero life. This has nothing to do with the people that rave about the product...its more so me being mad at myself for not sticking to what works for me....I don't like wasting money...

4. I don't like when I am looking through products like Tressemme, Suave, or Herbal Essences in the hair aisle in Walmart or Target and I get questionable stares from people who don't look like me. I just want to say "Yes, 'your' products work for me too..."

5. I don't like when people ask me why I wash my hair so makes me want to ask them 'why do you wash your body so often?'

6. I do not like VO5 conditioners. I know that its almost everyone's favorite cowash conditioners but they dry my hair out more than any other conditioner I have tried. I prefer Suave.

7. I do not like natural hair nazis. Can we educate each other about healthy hair in general and not try to convince others that some hair textures are better than others?

8. I do not like when the plastic from bobby pins get stuck in my hair. It really annoys me to see those little black things falling out of hair on detangling days. I haven't found a brand of bobby pins that don't deteriorate with every use...or maybe I'm not willing to pay for the ones that don't.

9. I don't like it when everyone chooses their new hair cut or color based on the newest celebrity fad. I love Rihanna just as much as the next girl but everyone does not need to look like her..

10. I don't like it when I go on very detailed rants about how great a product is and how much it give me life and all my boyfriend says is "O that's nice baby..."

That's That Stuff I Don't Like....

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What's the stuff you don't like?


  1. Love it!! I did a tag on personal stuff I don't like but I may need to go back and do one on hair stuff. BTW I hate when that black paint or whatever it is comes off my bobby pins too.

  2. I love this post! I definitely agree with a lot of what you said, especially number 3 & 7!
    I don't like it when people compliment your hair length but then suggest it's because you have good genes/good hair. I always feel like shaking people when that happens

    1. I agree with the length issue. It gets on my nerves when someone tells me I was fortunate that God gave me great hair.

  3. I'm definitely doing this when my school schedule clears up. Jotting everything down before I forget.

  4. Yes... I also don't like V05 conditioners...except their clarifying conditioner... they dry my hair worse than shampoo

  5. Have responded to the tag, thanks for thinking about me and my silly blog

  6. Hi Tathiana, I've responded to the tag too :)

  7. I don't like when people relax their hair from root to tip. Because it will not "take" and leave it in for over 30 min even when it burns like hell -__- I don't like when hairdressers charge you more for no legit reason! "Oh your hair is long (just barely touching SL), you're gonna pay 20 dollars\euro's\pounds more" SAY WHAT?!

  8. Thanks for the tag! I'll do it soon

    I'm with you on #1, 4, 5, 9, 10!

  9. I, like you, am a slave to academia and lately have been doing very little blog reading THEN my laptop broke so I almost missed this, Traycee told me about it. So cute! I will definitely be answering, thanks for tagging me!

  10. I love this post. It speaks to so many things I don't like to especially in the hair aisle. It's so disgusting when people try to single you out based on your hair. Grow up, haha. I prefer Suave for cowashing as well. I'll be honest I own at least 5 products out of 10 that were complete let downs and can attest to not getting any life out of all that hype.

    P.S. Thanks for the birthday wishes! :D