Texlax Update

I texlaxed this past Thursday (at 13 weeks post) because I was having trouble dealing with my new growth. In a effort to avoid any excessive breakage I texlaxed earlier than usual. I used the half and half method with ORS Lye relaxer and only left the relaxer in for 11 minutes this time around. The last time I texlaxed the results (pictured below) were too straight.

Previous relaxer (August 2011)

So this time around I made an effort to leave a lot of texture in. Here were the results I got this time around.

There is just the right amount of texture left. I can comb through it much easier now without it being completely straight. I am trying really hard not to worry about length right now so after neutralizing, deep conditioning, and leave ins I decided not to straighten my hair. Instead, I air-dried in a bun over night and tied my hair down with a silk scarf.  

 Air dried bun in the morning. It was only about 60% dry.

I'm satisfied with the results. I might not stretch too long anymore because I enjoy getting through my hair with ease. I may take my stretched from 4 months down to three. 

I am trying not to length check until the end of December. At that point I am thinking of cutting off an inch of hair. The goal is to get as much relaxed ends gone as possible by graduation (May 2013)..