Soften Your Hard Water: Sprite Showers Shower Filter Review

I am currently at a stage in my hair journey where all my hair wants is moisture moisture moisture!  I have been trying my best to keep my strands moisturized every day but after a while I had been feeling like there wasn't any moisture being retained. I knew I needed to check and see if I had hard water because my hair would sometimes be dry right after washing it in the shower. It sometimes felt like I didn't wash out much product.

Hard water is water that has too many minerals in it, which leaves residue on the hair and skin. Having hard water affects the rinse-ability of product and dirt, so I needed to soften my water to rid of some minerals. I went out to Home Depot and decided to give the Sprite Showers Shower Filter a try. 

The products claims to removes chlorine, dirt, and odor. It is described to have a universal fit and uses the chlorogon filtration method.  It costs $17.98 and is said to last up to 6 months before replacing the filter. The filter was easy to assemble. The unit connects to the base of the shower head and there is a dial to record the month of installation. This will remind you to change out the filter in about six months. 

After running the water under this new filtration system for a while, I performed a hard water tests to see if the system was actually filtering out those hard minerals. I took a sample of faucet water and a sample of filtered shower water and added drops of detergent in them. If the water was hard, then the soap would react with the minerals and fog up the water. However, if the water was filtered, the water would be more clear once the detergent was added. This is exactly what happened! The faucet water was cloudy with soap added and the filtered water was not. 

It looks like this filtration system works out pretty well! I do feel a difference in the softness of my hair on wash days. I do not feel that same film over my hair that I used to feel when using hard water. My hair is much more soft and bouncy after washing.  I am interested to see if this filter will continue to filter out minerals for six months. I will be sure to update you all. 

Do you have hard water? Is it affecting the results of your wash day?


  1. Using a shower filter, chlorine can be reduced by 50-80 percentage points leaving you with cleaner less chlorinated water. You might not need a shower filter but the benefits of having one are immense. Chlorine in large amounts is highly poisonous but it is used in low amounts in our water to kill germs and other micro-organisms. In your shower water it has the effect of bonding to your skin thus destroy natural protective oils on your skin leading to dry skin, itching, and loss of hair colors.

  2. I came across this post on Hairlista after searching for 'shower filter'. I've just ordered my own filter which will be coming tomorrow and I cannot wait to use it! I really hope it makes a difference on my hair.

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