Braids and Curls

Yesterday I had all intentions to spend the day doing a braided mohawk for a concert later in the night. I had stretched my hair out using the banding method and I was excited to braid it up. I braided a little section in the front and then got super lazy! I didn't want to do the rest but I still needed a style for the concert! What to do...what to do...

I grabbed my Carol's Daughter Macadamia Heat Protecting Serum and my curling wand and improvised. It took me about 20 mins to put some curls in. My curling wand was set to 325 degrees. I didn't want it too hot for fear of heat damage and I didn't plan on keeping this style for very long. I took about medium sized sections and wrapped them around my curling wand for 8 seconds each.

I loved the results! It was a bonus that my hair smelled so great! I love this Macadamia serum from Carols Daughter. It worked well on my relaxed hair and my natural hair seems to love it too!  I wasn't able to take any pictures right after I was done styling but I did have enough energy after the concert to snap a few pics. After about 4 hours my curls did drop, but I enjoyed the style none the less. My hair responded pretty well to the heat but I can't wait to do a hot oil treatment next wash day to prevent any unnecessary dryness.


  1. That's a gorgeous style you created:-)

  2. Oh gosh, I love this style! Hope you had a great time at the concert. I'm certain you were the hottest thing in the room. :-)

  3. You hair came out beautifully!! Your fro is super gorgeous as well!!!