I've Been Nominated!

I have been nominated for the Versatile blogger award! Three times! These nominations are my firsts so thank you to Southern GirlDarrylon Evans, and Sdestra for reading my blog and nominating me! It's great to know that there are people who read and enjoy Pound Cake! 

As a nominee I have to:  

1. Thank the Blogger that nominated me.  
2. Share 7 random facts about me.
3. Nominate 15 bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
4. Let nominated bloggers know they have been nominated.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award to my post. 


7 Random Facts About Me!

  • Black and white is my favorite color combination.
  • My favorite TV shows are My Wife and Kids (hilarious) and Desperate Housewives.
  • I love research.
  • I am of Haitian heritage.
  • My favorite meal if brown rice and oxtail or white rice, sous pois and oxtail (both when my mother makes it)
  •  I have a chicken chest
  • I change my nail color every 5 days

I Nominate...


  1. Thanks for the nomination. I got one last week which has been posted. Thank you.

  2. Thank u soooo much I will do the post as soon as I get home!

  3. Thank you for nominating me! Congrats on the award :)

  4. Thank you for the nomination. I didn't know you were of haitian heritage. Nice

  5. Thank you for nominating me and congratulations on winning three times!!! <3

  6. Congratulations on you nominations, and thanks for nominating me! Whoop whoop! I'll get on to the nominee post now :D

  7. Oh wow! Thank you so much for the nomination and congratulations on yours! I am totally flattered. I love your blog and I am currently following, I couldn't resist it. Great facts!


  8. Congratulations and Thank you soooo very much for your nomination!! I recieved this award a few months back but I'm still truly thankful for your nomination. I love My Wife and Kids too!! Too funny:-)!!