Hair of the Day: Faux Twisted Bun

I put mini twists in my hair a couple days ago so I could dust some split ends. I've been wearing them under headwraps and wigs but today I decided to wear them out before they got too old and frizzy. I don't have too much length to do much with my mini twists but I improvised and got a faux twisted messy bun look out of it.

I had some leftover Cuban Twist hair from a failed crochet braid wig attempt, so I attached the hair to a hair tie and twisted up a faux bun. I had no intention of wearing my mini twists out when I installed them so they aren't the neatest but the Cuban twist hair is slightly rough and frizzy which made for easy blending and a successful improve style. Here is a quick video below showing how I got this look.


  1. Girlfriend, this is absolutely clever!!! I will be sharing this on my social media.

  2. Realllllly NIce! You have amazing hair volume & im going to read more of your hair tips!! Thank You!!

  3. Girl this looks really nice! Thanks for sharing.