May Blogging Challenge!

I haven't been posting as regularly as I would like to lately because I have had so much to do in my last year of college. I will be graduating in 17 days!!! Yaaaaaay! I am so excited to be done with least for now. Lol.

Luckily I read Southern Girl's post on a May Blogging Challenge that should help me get back in the groove of things. This challenge is being hosted by Creative Girl Media in an effort to give our blogs the "oomph" it needs. The rules are pretty simple (see picture below). If you want to enter this challenge also, there is a link below to enter your blog information. Be sure to include the blog hop link on your page so that you along with those who visit your page can check out the blog of others involved in the challenge!


  1. Glad you signed up and provided the blog hop code. Going to add it to my page now.

  2. I saw another May blog challenge going around where there's a specific topic that they speak about. Is it the same thing with this challenge?