Bantu Knot Out

I didn't want to look at my ends for too long while my hair was straight (referencing previous post) so the next night I put bantu knots in my hair. I moisturized my hair with Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Moisturizer and then sealed with jojoba oil. 

I put in 5 bantu knots, secured them with a pin and then the next morning here are the results I got. 

Loved it! I enjoy bantu knot outs, but only when they are done on straight and dry hair. Under any other condition it is always a fail for me.


  1. AH! I love them, your hair looks great!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, and so shiny!

  3. lo at the finally funny face. Have you done a review of the mango butter? If not could yah do one?

    1. I haven't done a review on the mango butter but I sure will! It's my favorite moisturizer by far!

  4. It's my first time here and your hair looks awesome. I also only do my knot outs on straight dry hair, moisturizing as I do the knots so that the hair is soft and nourished when I separate the curls. My hair still has ways to go before reaching your length but I am very inspired by your progress over two years.