13 Weeks Post and I Can't Wait to Texlax

Happy Monday!
For yesterday's wash day I..

1. Prepooed with coconut oil for  30 mins under a heating cap.
2. Clarified with VO5 clarifying shampoo
3. Deep conditioned with Kera Minerals Smoothing Conditioner for 2 hours under a heating cap.
4. Black tea rinse
5. Porosity control for 30 secs.
6. T-shirt dried for 30 mins.
7. Added S-curl to my new growth and Cantu leave in and argan oil to the length of my hair for my leave-ins and air dried under a silk scarf.

Everything went really well. I had minimal shedding and some tangling. The Kera Mineral conditioner gives me so much slip so detangling  in the shower was not as bad as it usually is at 13 weeks post. I thought the s-curl would make my new growth dry a lot softer than it did though. It moisturizes my new growth so well during the week but as a leave-in it was a little weak. Maybe I didn't put enough...

Cantu Shea butter leave-in conditioner is an old staple of mine. I decided to repurchase it because (1) I'm trying to go back to old staples that worked for me before I became a product junkie and (2) as i get deeper into my stretch I do experience more breakage at the demarcation line and I was hoping that a protein leave- in would combat that.

I only have 3 more weeks left in my stretch! Hopefully I don't get too much breakage between now and 3 weeks from now. I am trying to make it to APL by August 12 and Full APL by October 26th (2 year hair journiversary!) I know I'm a slow grower, so I always give myself some time to reach my hair goals.

Here's a shot of my new growth with conditioner on it.

Deep Conditioning with Kera Minerals Smoothing Conditioner (13 weeks post)

Here's the flat twist/faux bob protective style I decided to wear today.

Flat twists in the front and ends tucked under in the back

How did your most recent wash day go?