25 in 25!

Hey! Welcome back! 

In 25 days I will be 25 years old! So exciting! I'm going to be celebrating with hair of course! For 25 days I going to be experimenting with different crochet hair and hair styles! Yes, I am still obsessed with crochet braids. It has been a fun and convenient way to protective style. 

First up for #25in25 is the Freetress Braid 2x Soft Faux Loc Wavy in colors 1B, 2, and 4. This is the most natural looking faux loc crochet hair I have seen yet.
It has low to medium sheen and a slight frizz to it. The frizz concerned me at first but then I realized that the slight frizzy makes the faux locs look very believable. The wavy pattern is subtle and reminds me of the goddess loc look that Megan Good and Zoe Kravitz have made so popular. 

The loops on the soft locs are small but easy to install. The install only took about 45 minutes (not included the braid pattern). 

My braiding pattern consisted of 10 cornrows going back with the middle 6 connected at the crown. 5 packs of hair was the perfect amount for this install! 

I am excited to get to styling this hair! Be sure to check back in to see what hairstyles I go with the for my #25in25 celebration. 

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